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      PDF  Format

    Agricultural (1-d-1) Application   Download
    Application for Allocation of Value for Personal Property Used in Interstate Commerce, Commercial Aircraft, or Business Aircraft   Download
    Application for Arbitrator Registry – Individuals Only   Download
    Application For Goods Exported From Texas 50.113 (Freeport Exemption)   Download
    Application for Interstate Allocation of Value for Vessels or Other Watercraft   Download
    Application for Tax Refund of Overpayments or Erroneous Payments   Download
    Application for Stored Offshore Drilling Rig Exemption   Download
    Appointment of Agent Form   Download
    Business Personal Rendition   Download
    Application for Charitable Organization Exemption   Download
    Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Declaration   Download
    Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Tax Statement   Download
    Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration   Download
    Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Election for Rendition   Download
    Dealer’s Vessel and Outboard Motor Inventory Tax Statement   Download
    Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement   Download
    Application for Interstate Allocation of Value for Vessels or Other Watercraft   Download
    Application for Disabled Veteran’s or Survivor’s Exemption   Download
    Exemption For Vehicle Used To Produce Income And Personal Non-Income Producing Activities 50.759   Download
    Exemption Of Goods In Transit 50.758   Download
    Homestead Exemption Form   Download
    Esp. Homestead Exemption Form   Download
    Information Change for Arbitrator Registry   Download
    Leesee's Application For Personal Use Lease Automobile Exemptions 50.286   Download
    Leesee's Affidavit For Primarily Non Income Producing Vehicle Use 50.285   Download
    Mailing Address Change Form   Download
    Mobile Home Rendition Download
    Motion for Hearing to Correct One-Third Over-Appraisal Error 50.230   Download
    Nonprofit Community Business Organization Organization   Download
    Notice of Final Order   Download
    Property Appraisal – Notice of Protest   Download
    Property Owners Motion for Correction of Appraisal Roll 50.771   Download
    Application for Religious Organization Exemption   Download
    General Real Property Rendition of Taxable Property   Download
    Rendition of Property Qualified for Allocation of Value   Download
    Rendition of Residential Real Property Inventory   Download
    Report of Decreased Value   Download
    Request for Binding Arbitration Download
    Request for Confidential Ownership Download
    Request to Cancel/Port Exemption Download
    Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Tax Statement Download
    Revocation of Appointment of Agent for Property Tax Matters   Download
    Tax Deferral Affidavit for Over 65 or Disabled Homeowner   Download