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2017 Property Tax Payment Due January 31, 2018
2017 current year taxes become delinquent February 1, 2018 and will incur penalty and interest. 
2018 Business Personal Property

2018 Business Personal Property Renditions may be faxed or emailed to:
Fax: (806)749.1236

Filing for a Homestead Exemption
If you are contacted by a company offering to file your homestead exemption for a "one-time processing fee" DO NOT respond. There is NEVER a fee to file for any exemption. Contact our office to see if you qualify for a homestead exemption.

Tax Deferral
Homeowners who are age 65 or older or disabled may defer or postpone paying property taxes on their residence homestead as long as they own and live in it. A tax deferral only postpones the tax liability, it does not cancel it. Past taxes, penalty and interest become due 181 days after the subject property no longer qualifies as a residence homestead. To defer your tax payments, you must file a tax deferral affidavit with the Lubbock Central Appraisal District. For additional information contact us at (806)762-5000 or email

Over 65 Exemption information no longer available on our website
Effective September 1, 2015 we may no longer post information on our website that indicates the age of a property owner. If you have questions concerning an exemption please call (806)762-5000 ext. 5. or email


Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Lubbock Central Appraisal District is to serve the property owners and taxing units of Lubbock County by providing accurate, timely appraisals of all taxable property at the most cost effective level possible.

LCAD exists for the purpose of providing services to the property owners and taxing units within our jurisdiction. Every property owner should be approached in a respectful, positive and friendly manner. LCAD employees have an obligation as public servants to promote goodwill toward all property owners; not only in manner but by example.
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